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TMT Interview Bundle

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The TMT Interview Bundle is comprised of five separate guides and covers over 300 interview questions in painstaking (but hopefully enjoyable!) detail. These are the exact set of guides we wish we had before our interviews.

Immediately after ordering you'll be sent an e-mail with your password for the members area (where all the guides and other resources are contained).

Customer Reviews

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Really Appreciated

I really appreciate that this was put together. These guides were incredibly helpful for my interviews this cycle because I felt I could back up my interest in tech by using lots of tech banking keywords. Also the technical questions are amazing... going over the more difficult accounting and merger model technicals in particular really helped.

Amazing Technicals

If you're looking for hard technical questions that are mostly outside of the "traditional" guides then the technical questions here are amazing and probably worth 3x the price if you're doing lots of interviews.The answers are also really well explained / written... actually kind of fun to go through tbh.

Great Resource

Initially got these for the advanced technical questions that are fantastic. But really enjoyed going through the TMT guides as well and seeing some of the "pitch decks" included.

Jason K
Phenomenal Guides

I was given an early copy of these guides to help in my prep. They're phenomenal. It's obvious how much care and thought went into them. Unlike others who put out guides for 10x the price that deliver 1/10 of the value.

Super thankful to have had an early peak. Just going through the TMT guides has helped me really impress people on my networking calls. Huge confidence booster because you feel like you aren't just BS'ing.