It's no secret that banking interviews are much tougher than they used to be. Not only that, but interviews are being held on ever more accelerated timelines.

The primary way that banking interviews (especially for incredibly competitive groups like TMT) have changed over the past few years is:

  • You're going to be asked more industry specific questions and will have to have a reasonable grasp on what the coverage group you want to join does;
  • You're going to be asked more advanced technical questions that are outside of the traditional guides that everyone uses to prepares.

When both of us went through our banking interviews, we knew the traditional technical questions very well but when it came to actual industry knowledge or more advanced technical questions we were at a total loss.

As a result, we decided to create a little something that would help those specifically interested in TMT. Our vision was not to create some massive, thousand-page primer that covered every nuance of TMT, but rather create something that would allow candidates truly interested in TMT to stand out from the crowd.

As we've mentioned elsewhere on the site, this isn't a business for us. We aren't looking to quit our jobs or turn this into some kind of cash cow.

We actually initially set out just to create a little Q&A guide covering some of the key terms you should know about TMT. We imagined it'd just be 20-pages and contain maybe have 40 questions or so.

But as we got started we quickly realized there was a lot of important stuff we couldn't just skip over. So we ended up creating three separate guides covering tech, media, and telecom, along with guides covering the most advanced accounting and valuation questions you could be asked.

In the end, we think what we've put together here hits the sweet spot of not overwhelming you with too much information, but also giving you enough to truly stand apart from 99% of the other candidates who will be interviewing alongside you.

Another goal of ours with this whole project is to try to help those interested in TMT to see the incredibly breadth of what TMT covers. While most people who go into TMT banking will probably be most interested in the internet / software sub-sectors, we hope that we can kindle an interest in some of the other areas of TMT. Partly because there are tons of great exit opportunities (both on the buy-side and in corp development) in other areas of TMT. 

We've tried to price the TMT Interview Bundle - which contains all the guides and tons of additional resources - as low as possible so that it's accessible to everyone who's remotely interested in TMT. 

Hearing from those who found our guides to have helped them is incredibly rewarding. It's why we put this together, and we hope it'll be as helpful to you as it has been to others.

In life it's probably not always a great idea to follow the pack and do what is most popular. But TMT is the most popular (and thus competitive) coverage group for a good reason. It represents a combination of fascinating and highly distinct businesses, even if most interviewees don't quite realize that.

Despite the fact that the hours in TMT will be longer than in other coverage groups, it's worthwhile doing. But you should make sure you really know what you're getting into which the TMT Interview Bundle will absolutely help you to do.

Best of luck in all your recruiting.